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I will answer questions now!  Some of these I get frequently!

Q: Are you open for commissions? Do you take requests?
A: Soon maybe? I'm moving and may open again once I'm settled.  At the moment I'm more interested in collaborating with my favorite writers.  Requests: I don't, but ideas are welcome.  

Q: Why are your commissions so expensive? Why do you accept them so rarely?
A: I am not a fast illustrator. On top of that, I jam pack my life with other types of projects, art and otherwise.  DA commissions are usually a brain-interruption from work and hobbies that I can't afford unless it's monetarily comparable to "real work" for my time.  

Q: I work for a comic website and I want you to draw boobs?
A: I don't know.  Maybe.  It would have to be very good pay because comics are overwhelming and I'm more of a one-shot illustrator and that sounds kind of like a nightmare?

Q: Why did you take "Insert Piece Here" down from your gallery?  Can I get it anywhere?
A: Because I am incredibly self-critical and have difficulty looking back. A lot of that work has glaring errors that embarrass me.  Much of the current work in the gallery is starting to look outdated and I resist taking it down.  You probably won't be able to convince me to send you old work because I am neurotic.

Q: You took a bunch of commissions recently.  Why don't I see them in your gallery?
A: I usually let the clients post them themselves.  One of the commissioners flaked out and the other two are waiting for their owners to upload them, both of which tend to be accompanied with text-words, which may not yet be conceived.  

Q: Didn't you used to be two people?
A: I was two people!  Now I am one people.  It didn't work out.

Q: Are you not entertained?!?!
A: No, I actually am!

You should ask me other questions if you want to.  I will probably answer them.

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Thanks for favouriting! :3
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Thank you for sharing your writing! I loved it. AE writing is too rare :D
Safetystars Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  New member Hobbyist Writer
I know right. Ironic considering the amount of attention the human rear is given in the media nowadays.
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And for the watch :D
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